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“In the Know with Bonnie Winfrey” is designed to help others walk in purpose. It addresses the many challenges people encounter on a daily basis to distract from one’s destiny. Many talk shows address some of the obstacles one faces in life, but fail to provide practical solutions. I try to bring to you guests who are and have been in your shoes. I believe we were put here on earth to solve problems. With the right knowledge, you can overcome anything. Did you know that 110,000,000 (110 million) people die every year due to stress? That is every 2 seconds all around the world, 7 people die. There is another side to life and it is called VICTORY. “In the Know with Bonnie Winfrey” is unique because it provides direction and answers for viewers to become “champions” and live better productive lives.

As a sponsor, won’t you help me change lives? The talk show is positive and is designed to educate and highlight events, individuals, and topics of interest.  
The numbers speak for themselves regarding viewers. "In the Know with Bonnie Winfrey" airs on JCTV, a local Joliet access channel.  The potential audience for one viewing is 280,000.  This show airs 3-5 times a day and 6-7 days a week.  It not only airs on Comcast, but also on AT&T.  The viewership increases with AT&T to extend throughout Will County.  "In the Know with Bonnie Winfrey" airs to a potential viewership of over 10,000,000.  The viewership increases as it runs nationally and internationally on  Each episode draws over 70-thousand viewers from 65 countries to the site.

If you are looking for an opportunity to increase awareness and revenue for your business; this is an inexpensive way to meet your marketing and PR needs.  I would love to add your company to this show as a sponsor.  There are no limits regarding sponsorship and you can also sponsor a series of television shows.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you!  I can be reached at 815-744-5340 or by email at
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